This tumb-tasticness is so that I can get as much Matt Bomer, Gale Harold, Queer as Folk, Dr. Who, White Collar, and Keane stuff as I can. There's probably a lot I'm leaving out, but let's just say those are my top faves at the moment. I'll probably post some graphics up here from time to time, randomly reblog hot and/or funny shit, and probably do a lot of rambling/talking out of my ass. Enjoy!


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“There’s also a song called Your love which I think is a very kind of, well I find it a very sad song. It features Tim singing on it which I think is something, in terms of a full vocal, something that people haven’t really heard before. We had a bit of time at the end of our day in Copenhagen when we were recording there where I was going to stick a vocal down for it. My voice was getting really tired and I had a gig the next day and I just thought I don’t really want to carry on singing. And I wasn’t doing that great a job on it. In fact, I felt like I was ruining it a bit. The fact that Tim’s vocal was so good kind of led to the point where we just said, “Hang on, why don’t we just leave Tim’s vocal on it?” It’s almost like a guest performance, in a way, on the record. It’s Tim’s Don’t look back in anger moment. But it’s a very sad song. And it kind of reminds me of things that you lose, it’s so easy to lose track on things and lose sight on things in life, friendships and things that at one point you hold so dear and they kind of end up as ghosts in the past. And so the song really has that kind of sense to it. I really love that song. Make sure you give it a couple of listens, because I think it deserves it, it merits it. And It’s one of those songs that will open up to you after listening to it a couple of times. Something like Stop for a minute’s just very immediate. Hopefully people get it straight up the first time. But this is more a subtle thing.” Tom [x]

It’s utterly dysfunctional. Nobody who is close to me and Tim can understand it. We are very fond of each other — yet that is something we can’t say out loud. We’ve talked through other people for years about how we feel about each other, but when we’re in the same room, it becomes impossible. Our wives used to say we had the weirdest relationship they’d ever encountered. I still can’t fathom it, after years, and I don’t know that I ever will.

Tom Chaplin on his relationship with Tim Rice-Oxley (X)


"Every story has a beginning, a middle, and an end… but not always in that order.”

The story of the Eleventh Doctor’s era, in chronological order.

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1. I’m creative.

2. I’m funny as shit.

3. I’m intelligent (but not a genius).

4. I’m fun!!

5. I love good conversation.

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1. I’m artistic

2. I’m tall

3. I have a mostly positive outlook on life

4. I will only tell you I love you if I mean it!

5. Illis quos amo deserviam

you will have to translate the Latin yourself :)

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…You don’t pick your parents, and you don’t pick your partner.

Little Big Town - Bring It On Home

Well, I thought voting was over, but it ends at midnight tonight. Everyone who votes (from phone or laptop) gets entered to win $250. You could use that, right?! It’s just a couple clicks. Like the page, vote, then unlike if you want to. This is Tasha Jones singing a BEAUTIFUL cover of Little Big Town’s “Bring It On Home.” I’m not a country fan, and I didn’t even know this song before she did it, but it’s amazing. Please vote! 

 Click Here To Vote!

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK/INTERNATIONAL, Inc. | Talent from the Truck

Guys, I’d really appreciate a vote for my very best friend, Tasha Jones. Just click the link, like the page, vote (on phone AND laptop if you can). You get entered to win $250 every time you vote. This all ends tomorrow, and she’s neck and neck! A couple of clicks goes a long way, and your help is much appreciated! (Plus, she’s doing a killer version of Little Big Town’s “Bring It On Home.” Thanks in advance!


If you’re going to stab someone you have to either say “I am no man.” or “The Lannisters send their regards.” sorry I don’t make the rules.


I know you. I walked with you once upon a dream.

I cannot way to see this fucking movie.